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Welcome To Ki-Tone Rapid Weight Loss Clinic

An Introduction to what we do ........

HIFU Treatments & Training

At  our Clinics we offer Rapid Weight Loss Nutritional Support, with  Cavitation & Cryo-Lipo, followed by G5 Massage to help tighten and  tone the skin during the rapid weight loss process. Our Weight Loss Support Programs and Treatments are affordably priced and based on individual needs and expectations. So  Call 0161 298 7474 today, to book a confidential one to one  Consultancy, either in our clinics in Worsley and Walkden Free of Charge  or Obligation,  or in your own home for a small fee. 

It Is All About You

Do you want to undergo a Life Changing Body Transformation?

Sounds like the usual big claim from a diet programme doesn't it!I  believe in total honesty and in being upfront with myself and my  clients.  I'll tell you right now that there is NO magic pill or  overnight solution!!!  Trust me, I've looked. Like millions of others I  searched for years for a quick fix, magic solution or wonder drug to  help me lose weight and gain my ideal body.  I found hundreds, if not  thousands of different programmes, diet plans and products, low fat this  and that and had little or no success.
After  years of trying different things I decided to do a lot of research and  my epiphany moment came when I realised THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL. I have  found my Ideal solution and developed nutrition plans combined with some  effective body contouring and aesthetic treatments that work quickly  and support skin tightening during weight loss.
You  can access this expertise and treatments as part of a weekly personally  developed plan that includes nutrition and exercise advice and have  body treatments for any problem areas you feel you have....

Weekly ; On going or 1 Off Life Changing Treatments

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL....So  in addition to a range of tried and testested nutrion and healthy  eating programs, we offer a range of non-invasive Body Contouring  Treatments:- 
G5 Massage : Skin Tightening, Lymphatic Drainage and overall Pampering, Great Bum Lift Treatment!Cavitation Lipo : Breaks Down Fat Cells, RIDS YOU OF CELLULITE!  Sculpts Your Body 


On  my Journey, I discovered a few Instant Result, In-expensive Treatments  and Products which will Aesthetically improve your Look in The Mirror,  as this is all about YOU and how you feel about yourself! 
HIFU ; Hi Intensity Ultrasound Face Lift, Body Lift & Contouring
INSTANT SMILE - Cosmetic Veneers made to measure for under £200, in-expensive tooth whitening....... and more ...

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Start Your Health Journey With Us

By Appointment, at our Clinic in Worsley or if you require a home visit, a small charge of £25 applies to cover expenses. 

Ki-Tone 4D Lipo Aesthetics & Weight Loss Clinic

4DLipo 186 Moorside Road, Wardley, Manchester, England M27 9LE , United Kingdom

0161 298 7474


Monday - Friday: 8am - 8pm by appointmentSaturday: By appointmentSunday: By appointment

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